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We can put your brand on just about anything. Business cards, stickers, canvas, cars. It’s tough to stand out in this busy world but with our custom solutions you are sure to own the spotlight.

What will you create?
One of our most rewarding services is our ability to bring your product ideas to life in a cost effective way. 
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Bring the next big thing to life today.

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In need of an obscure part? We offer 3D printing services at affordable rates. Take your pick of filament material and colour.

We laser engrave, cut and etch a variety of materials and have years of experience creating unique products for both businesses and individuals alike.
Uses computer-generated instructions to precisely cut hard material such as wood or aluminium. A popular choice for intricately detailed signage.

We can help get your idea off the ground. If you have a project that you’d like a proof-of-concept for, we’ll make it a reality. 


What is digital printing?

Digital printing is the process by which a digital image is printed directly to some given media, typically on large format printing units for commercial/professional use. This is the method we employ at EurekaTec, as opposed to offset printing.

How do you use digital printing?We’re able to create pull-out & hanging banners, backdrops, canvas prints, a-frame sandwich signs, lawn signs, vinyl decals & stickers, car magnets, and more. 

How much does it cost?

Navigate to the specific product pages for your selection to see sizing options and add purchases to your cart. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, contact us and we’ll do our best to accommodate your request.


What are promotional items?
Promotional items are produced with the intention of corporate gifting, being used as ‘swag’ for conventions or events, or branded trinkets to be sold as add-ons at checkout. Merchandising can add plenty of value to your brand, and allows passionate customers to share their interest.

What type of promotional items can you create?

In the past, we’ve created branded pens, coasters, travel mugs, leather patches, keychains, trophies/awards and a whole lot more. Even if your brand’s idea is outside of the realm of what we’ve done previously, we love a challenge.Contact us about your idea(s), or take a look at our collections to find some inspiration.

How much does it cost?

While many of our promotional items have a standard price, we’d still like to hear from you, so we can accurately quote the work on our end. Feel free to reach out with any questions about this process!



What does ‘signage’ refer to?

In the context of our business, we consider signage to be any CNC routed, laser cut, or vinyl signage (or a combination of any of the three) that we can produce. Browse the gallery below to get an idea of what we’re capable of! Although signage is produced using our flagship fabrication services, we felt that it demanded its own section of the site. Learn more about fabrication here.

How much does it cost?

Signage costs entirely depend on the material used, dimensions of the product, design work required, and time taken. Use the form below to get a free quote – we’ll even help you decide on a size and material that suits your needs.

When can it be done?

Because of the varied requirements and stipulations of signage commissions, it’s hard to give an accurate timeline for completion. Once again, your best bet is to contact us and have a dialog so we know what we’re in for.

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